What happened when I went viral (And how you can too)

What happened when I went viral (And how you can too)

You know those days where your day just takes a crazy turn because of one little thing?

Like the time in college all I wanted to do was spend my last few bucks on some fancy Chinese food. That turned into my phone being stolen. And that turned into my crazy BFF playing detective and retrieving my stolen phone for me at 3 in the morning. #BFFGoals right?

Or the time that I planned on lazily watching Netflix documentaries one Saturday night. Which turned into a quick drink with 2 friends. That turned into meeting a 90s R&B group and being invited to sit front row at their concert. Obviously, that was a lot better than watching a Netflix documentary.

The same unexpected turn of events happened on another Saturday two months ago.

I checked my email subscribers amount as I often obsessively do. (Sorry not sorry)

And I noticed that I had gotten about 20 new subscribers in the past 10 minutes. I text my friend how weird/cool that was and moved on.

The next text 30 minutes later was something along the lines of:

“Ummm I just got 60 new subscribes in 30 minutes and I’m not sure where they’re coming from”

An hour later: “100 more 😳😳”

2 hours later: “WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!”

That first day I got 306 new subscribers to my email list. All for free with no Facebook ads spend.

Email April 6 subscribes copyAnd it didn’t stop there.

The next day it was 741.

Over that entire week, I amassed 2088 new organic subscribers.

1 week active campaign increase copy

Over the next month that number went up to 3298.

1 month active campaign increase copy

And it wasn’t just my email list that was blowing up. My inbox was soon filled with emails, discovery call requests, and receipts from people purchasing my course.

Honestly, it was amazing and I still get organic traffic from the original source and new people trickle into the Luxepreneur tribe daily.

Of course, you’re wondering how it happened. And if you know anything about me, you know I had to find out.

The opt in that went viral and got me about 3000 organic new subscribers was my Brand Personality Quiz.

You’ve probably taken it before. But if you haven’t, what’s wrong with you?!?! Go take it!

What I found out was that a social media expert shared my quiz with his course participants. Then someone who had taken that course shared it out with their ENTIRE group of industry peers. Who then shared it out with everyone they knew and so on and so on.

For a while I sat and thought “Gee I’m so lucky!” but it totally wasn’t luck at all!

I had put the work in beforehand and that’s what had caused to me to have such a success.

Here’s how you can you can create a viral buzz for your brand, just like I did:

1. Create an AMAZING piece of content. Like seriously WOW your target audience. Think about things that would wow’d you before. What would your dream client them get a tiny bit further than they are now? What piece of knowledge would be so useful to them that they’d send it to a friend and say “Hey you’ve got to check this out!”

2. Lock the content up and throw away the key. Okay that might be a little dramatic. But make your viral content something that people need to subscribe to your email list in order to get it. Sometimes blog posts go viral and you can’t make people subscribe before reading. But you can offer them the opportunity to opt in AFTER they read that amazing content. Chances are if they enjoyed the blog post, they’ll want to hear more from you.

3. Be different. I could have talked about Brand Personalities in a blog post, or created a video training. But instead, I chose to make it a quiz for 2 reasons. 1) People LOVE taking quizzes. Buzzfeed has an entire website dedicated to them, so I decided I’d deliver my information in a fun way. 2) I hadn’t seen many quiz opt ins when I created mine. I wanted to do something different from the normal lead magnets being offered.

4. Make sure it’s shareable. Use share buttons whenever you can. Encourage people (in a non-annoying way) to share. Also, make sure it’s easily digested and shareable through mobile. People are constantly on their phones and we live in the time of quick easy. So make it easy to digest!

5. Don’t expect to go viral, expect to be of service. When you create a piece of content with the goal of being of service to as many people as possible it takes snowball effect. It’s just like a juicy rumor, 1 person tells their friend, and that friend tells another, and another. The next thing you know you have an avalanche of new eyes on your brand.

6. Have a “So now what?” plan. I was 100% happy that I had a sales funnel already attached my quiz opt in. Not to just sell a product, but to also nurture my new subscribers with great content so that they could learn about me and my brand. You don’t want to go viral and then have nothing to happen next. It’s important to make sure there is a way that people can learn more about you and most importantly buy from you.

The bottom line.

Don’t create content, blog posts, opt ins, quizzes just for the sake of creating them.

Create them with the intention of helping your dream client get 1 step in the door to solving their problem.

Blow them away with your generosity and see the viral buzz pour out!

  • laury
    Posted at 12:49h, 08 July Reply

    So how did you actually create your quiz? Is it a plugin? Or something else?

    It would be great if we could make our own version on our own sites. Would love to know how to do it.

    Thx 🙂

    • Nenne Akpan
      Posted at 20:50h, 08 July Reply

      Hi Laury, I have a course that shows you how exactly to make one! There’s a couple of different ways and I show them, I use a plugin but there are also sites you can create your quiz on.
      Here’s the course: https://nenneakpan.com/quizzes-that-convert/

      • Laury
        Posted at 03:27h, 12 July Reply

        Hi Nenne,
        Thx for letting me know about that. I didn’t know you had a course on it.

        I checked out your sales page but it doesn’t say what’s involved in actually creating the quizzes. So what other costs are associated with doing this? Like will I need to buy LeadPages to do this?

        • Nenne Akpan
          Posted at 11:02h, 12 July Reply

          Laury you’ll use LeadPages or any other landing page software to capture leads. I show 2 ways to build, one using a wordpress plugin that costs $25 and the other is a free service. Those are pretty much the only tools that you need in order to actually create the quiz.
          Hope that helps!

  • Cecilia Santos
    Posted at 11:31h, 30 May Reply

    Hello there! I came a cross your site thanks to my coach in my fitness journey. Unfortunately your branding quiz is no longer working. Is this a webpage fluke, or have you taken down your personality quiz?

    • Nenne Akpan
      Posted at 10:38h, 31 May Reply

      Hi Cecilia, you’re correct it is no longer available 🙂

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