It’s Friday morning and I’m literally typing this email while I watch House & am still wrapped in the coziness of my bed (probably one of my favorite places on earth).

It’s cold, dark and rainy outside and 2 thoughts come to mind. 1) Why is it cold, dark and rainy in Charlotte, NC in May?? 2) If this were about 13 months ago I would have been tossing and turning in my bed deciding on whether or not I would be calling out from work.
What a difference a year makes.

So last time I made a post like this you guys seem to find value in you, so I thought I would share again as I reached another milestone.

Once again, this post is totally not a “LOOK AT ME I’M SO AWESOME!” post. It’s a “Let me show you all that went into it, I’m not any more special than you” post.

So let’s begin shall we?

The Good (In no particular order)

I went viral. Okay, maybe I didn’t go viral, but my quiz optin did. I’ll go more into that in another post. But this is why it’s soooo important to have an absolutely irresistible lead magnet that people can’t wait to share. I put in an entire weekend of nonstop work on that lead magnet and did everything I could to make sure it wowed people. This is how you should be approaching your lead magnet.

I prayed. Seriously. Mindset & having faith is real y’all. You’ve got to believe in yourself and your business. Like really believe, not keeping worry, judgement, and jealousy in the back of your mind all while saying affirmations you don’t believe in. You don’t have to do 15 different mindset rituals that you read in 5 different books. Just pray, meditate and get down to business.

I got more referrals. I always say it, but no one can sell YOU like someone else can. Sure I can shout from the top of the roofs that I’ll help you be amazing online. But when someone else says it? OMG it means so much more. Someone made 1 post in their Facebook group about how I had helped them and I got 3 clients from it. Swag. (Please say that in your best Beyonce voice)

It was actually pretty easy. What a coincidence that the highest sales month that I had in my business, was also the easiest sales wise. I used to break into a sweaty anxious mess when I would get on consult calls. Now when I got on calls, I didn’t have to sell myself because I had confidence in my work. Also, the people that I got on the phone with already knew that they wanted to hire me. This means that I’ve got my dream client nailed down.

My expenses were $834.93. This is good because it’s pretty low for the amount of money I made. It’s also good because I think a lot of entrepreneurs forget that you have to spend money on your business even when it’s online. It doesn’t help that when other entrepreneurs yell about their 50 million dollar months, they neglect to mention the expenses of VAs, advertising, business tools, coaches and all of the other things you might spend your money on.

I set up my sales funnel for Brand Charm School. This is where the “make money while you sleep” comes in. Can you believe it’s not all a marketing hogwash? Obviously, it’s not as easy as set it and forget it, and you do have to come up with a kick ass course. But having the sales funnel running as been awesome.

The bad (Things that kind of sucked and I could have done better)

I did absolutely no marketing. This is a good and bad. Because how awesome is it to just get clients without doing much marketing. But I don’t suggest this. In order to make consistent income you can’t just rely on people coming to you. So I intend on getting back to my regularly scheduled marketing program.

I did it all by myself. At this point, I should probably have help with my business. It would make things so much easier and more profitable since I would have more time for marketing. But it’s just so hard for me to give up control! I’ve finally decided to take the leap this summer and actually hire 2 assistants. 1 for each business I have. So now I’m writing out my processes so I can hand them off to my VAs.

The ugly (IE the sucky part)

I stayed up for 48 hours. This time without the deliriousness and tears. But even when you don’t have a 9 to 5 to go to, not sleeping just isn’t good okay?

Then I got sick. Because I had the genius idea drink Starbucks Energy drinks to stay up as late as I wanted and get more work done. Those things give you headaches when you drink them too often. They taste super delicious but just don’t do it girl.

I got kind of greedy. A few days before the end of the month I had met my goal of 10k. Then I decided that 15k would be really great. For a quick second I started to get bummed that I couldn’t end the month over 15k. Then I had to revisit my why. And ask myself if I wanted more money just so that I could SAY I had more money? Instead, I chose to be grateful because I’ve seen months of making only $100 in business, so I’m right where I need to be right now.

And that’s all I’ve got!

April was an amazing month for me, not just business-wise but just overall a great month. I’m super grateful for all of my clients and my entire tribe that lets me know that you’re actually listening to me. And that the info that I provide both free and paid has been super beneficial to you.

I love you Luxepreneurs, I truly do!

  • Becky Cunningham
    Posted at 15:01h, 20 May Reply

    You are so Amazing and Inspire me to work harder to reach my goals. I have so much going on in my life and being an Entrepreneur is new to me. I was the girl that actually graduated with a Masters Degree and am just now realizing I have so much to offer the world and want to be my own boss. I appreciate all your emails and advice. Thank you.

    • Nenne Akpan
      Posted at 16:30h, 20 May Reply

      Oh gosh I’m honored for your to say that Becky. I’m glad my info is helpful, and yes you do have so much to offer the world!

  • Drew-Shane
    Posted at 15:56h, 20 May Reply

    I really loved reading this! You are such an inspiration. These are some solid nuggets for entrepreneurs. Congrats on such a great month!

    • Nenne Akpan
      Posted at 16:23h, 20 May Reply

      Thank you Drew-Shane!
      Love your portfolio btw!

  • Marina Ridge
    Posted at 16:11h, 20 May Reply

    Thanks for sharing all the nitty gritty.

    • Nenne Akpan
      Posted at 16:32h, 20 May Reply

      You’re so very welcomed Marina 🙂

  • Krista Jennings
    Posted at 16:40h, 20 May Reply

    Thanks for sharing this Nenne! So motivated to reach my next target in my business.

    • Nenne Akpan
      Posted at 14:33h, 23 May Reply

      You’re so welcomed Krista!

  • Peta Panos
    Posted at 17:35h, 20 May Reply

    What a beautiful story and how wonderfully empowered you have become! Namaste!

    • Nenne Akpan
      Posted at 19:53h, 22 May Reply

      Namaste Peta <3

  • Keosha Roque
    Posted at 13:59h, 21 May Reply

    Excellent post Nenne! I love how detailed and transparent you are with sharing your experience. I would like the opportunity to work with you.

    • Nenne Akpan
      Posted at 14:39h, 23 May Reply

      Hey Keosha how are you?! I’m glad it was helpful, that was my aim so I’m happy for that. Definitely contact me so we can set something up 🙂

  • Lanre Atijosan
    Posted at 11:00h, 23 May Reply

    You’re awesome on so many levels. A massive well done to you. This is epic in more ways than one! xxx

    • Nenne Akpan
      Posted at 14:39h, 23 May Reply

      Thank you Lanre, I appreciate that so much!

  • Holly Avona
    Posted at 22:01h, 25 May Reply

    You ARE amazing!!! Loved your branding quiz. It has helped me re-discover who I am and where I want my business to go…
    Thank YOU!!!

    • Nenne Akpan
      Posted at 22:25h, 25 May Reply

      I’m so glad you loved the quiz Holly ❤

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