About Nenne

Well Hello there lovely!

You’re dying to be your own boss…

To have a brand that attracts your dreamiest of dream clients…

To feel absolutely amazing and confident while marketing your brand…

but you have no idea where to start!

You want to:

  • Make your own money on your own terms and not rely on anyone else to sign your checks.
  • Have a brand that calls out to your dreamiest of dream clients.
  • Set yourself apart from all of the other women doing the same thing as you.
  • For potential clients to see you and say OMG I have to work with her!
  • Have people clamoring to buy from you because your brand is so damn irresistible.

Well guess what lovely? I’ve been there before. Don’t worry, I’ve got you!

My name is Nenne Akpan (Pronounced like Renee but with an ‘N’ if you were wondering) and I coach women who are totally ready to build a brand with a plan and bring more money, freedom and luxe into their lives .

I know all too well the longing desire of leaving that day job to pursue your dream of entrepreneurship full time. So much so that I quite my 6 figure job in search of my dream of Luxepreneurship!

What is Luxepreneurship you ask?

A Luxepreneur is a lady boss who wants to make money on her own terms, through her own passion and lives unapologetically while doing so!

Prior to leaving my job, I opened my first online business and I LOVED the energy that it gave me! I researched all day and night and went through a LOT of trial and error. But as soon as I had my first $5000 month I was hooked! There’s nothing like having a business of your own that is bringing in extra income to buy that new pair of shoes or book that last minute flight to visit friends.

The feeling is absolutely amazing!

I work one-on-one with my clients to brand their business and make it stand out from all of the rest in the online space. In doing this, my clients gain the confidence needed to market themselves and make the big bucks. You too deserve the success and freedom in your business that you desire. Through my one-on-ones, we’ll put in place the systems and structures, to have you running the business that you absolutely love.

If you’re ready to put your big girl stilettos on and get to work now… Get started with my Free Brand Personality Quiz .

Want to get started full force into Luxepreneurship? Head on over see how we can work together.

Can’t wait to chat with you over virtual cocktails!